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Searching for Mary Matthews

(where in Ireland was she born?)

Matthews and O'Sullivan circa 1850 to 1900

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After 40 years of Irish genealogy, we are still searching for where in Ireland my grandmother, Mary Matthews (variant spellings, i.e. Mathews, Matthews, Mathew, Mathas, Mathis and Matier) was born. We are searching not only for her birthplace but present day relatives outside of our families in Washington State (USA).

  4 December 1875 or 1876
  James Matthews and Mary O’Sullivan
  Jack Matthews and Margaret (Maggie) Matthews
Aunt and Uncle:
  Laurence McConnell and Bridget Cummins
  Mary McConnell, Margaret McConnell, Julia McConnell, Bridget McConnell (died 21 Apr 1891 New York), Thomas McConnell, John McConnell, Margaret Mary McConnell (wife of Ernest Mertins).
Possible Birthplace:
  Cloughrea, Ardagh, Drumconrath Parish, County Meath

If we have the right Mary Matthews, she came over on the ship “Germanic” 13 March 1896, from Queenstown to New York.  Traveling with her were:

Name Age Intended Destination
Kate Sullivan 19 Brooklyn
Julia McConnell 20 East Orange, New Jersey
Alice McConnell 19 Brooklyn
Mary O’Shea 19 New York
Daniel Sullivan 21 Butte, Montana
Bernard Farrell 34 born USA

My research has located the New York City marriage license of Mary Matthews and Karl Kuper.  On this license Mary Matthews listed her parents as James Matthews and Mary O’Sullivan of Ireland

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If you know of any of these people, please contact: Gladys V Edwards
Bonnie Miller 


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